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AutoMasters Collision Repair

We can’t let a collision mark the end of your car’s lifetime, not even a severe one. Our facility is a professional auto repair center dealing with paint and body in San Antonio, Texas. We’ve consistently climbed the ranks to become one of the city’s leading car body repair shops and its surroundings. Our long-term goal is to offer you excellent car body restoration solutions. 

At Collision Xperts, we’re glad our clients always smile on their way out of the facility. We satisfy their needs and ensure lasting finishes. So, the primary question is how we achieve outstanding outcomes. The credit goes to our experienced technicians, who work painstakingly hard to deliver projects within the deadlines. In addition, we use modern car body repair equipment with high-end precision and fast speeds of operation. By combining the latest technology with solid experience, our Auto Collision Center achieves perfections no other facility ever could.

Why Choose Us for Car Paint And Body in San Antonio?

We’ve defied all the industry challenges and emerged as one of the leading auto restoration facilities in San Antonio. The following are the top reasons our center is one of the ideal options. 

  • Uninterrupted transportation: We acknowledge the movement difficulties you may undergo as our team fixes your car. But don’t let it worry you because our facility has partnered with a reliable car hire agency to cater to your daily transportation needs. The program isn’t mandatory but only for willing clients. You require a valid driving license and an active auto insurance cover to use the car hire program. 
  • Impressive results: Our technicians leverage their deep experience to surpass your restoration specifications. We use exceptional tools, thus allowing us to fix your car body damages without the risk of further destruction. Our target is for your car to regain its pre-crash status using the most efficient means. 
  • Lifetime Warranty: There’s nothing else an auto body shop could offer you better than a lifetime warranty on the repairs. We’re thrilled to be one of the centers assuring on the works we’ve done. It signifies our undying commitment to ensuring your maximum satisfaction.
  • Safe and reliable towing: If accident damage renders your car inoperable, we can organize a tow truck service for you. We will ensure that your vehicle arrives at our facility safely and timely. 

The Services We Provide

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Our services list comprises various options to serve your needs adequately. We’re not selective and will handle your car with excellence, no matter its brand or model. Some of our services include:


  • Dent repair: Dent removal is a considerably delicate process. But when you choose highly skilled technicians like ours, everything becomes successful. Our dent removal procedures are advanced, thus posing no significant risk to your auto body.  
  • Car body repainting: Your car’s paint gets old due to air resistance as it moves. The heat from the sun also plays a primary role in paint destruction. However, our Auto Body Shop will repaint your car with the exact color match for an excellent outcome. 
  • Broken bumper repair: The bumper cushions your auto body against extensive damage. It also adds beauty to the car. We repair damaged bumpers and perform replacements whenever necessary. 

Please visit Collision Xperts if your car needs repair for the paint and body in San Antonio.We guarantee you superior services at reasonable prices.