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Car damage can significantly ruin the overall functionality and appeal of your vehicle. However, having a reliable partner for car damage repair in San Antonio can help to revive and improve its condition for continued use. While some damages result from negligence, most of them usually happen due to unavoidable accidents. 

Nevertheless, car damage manifests in various forms and can affect different parts and components. Knowing the common signs of car body damage can help diagnose and determine the most appropriate repair approaches.

The Best Car Damage Repair in San Antonio

At Collision Xperts, we understand cars’ various risks often exposed drivers and passengers to during accidents. We use the latest technologies to conduct proper diagnoses, so you know what to expect from the repairs. It also enables us to create accurate quotations based on the existing issues and specific customer demands. 

We offer an all-inclusive car damage repair package that addresses various structural defects on all car types and models. The following are the primary forms of car damage that we fix. 

Dents and Dings 

Dents and dings are among the most common forms of auto body damage that often result from accidents. While people often use the two interchangeably, they are pretty different from each other. Dings refer to any damage that measures about a half inches or less in diameter, often experienced in parking lots on the car’s doors. They do not chip the paintwork or leave the metal surfaces exposed but can impact a car’s resale value. 

Dents are relatively more significant in size, measuring more than a half inches in diameter. Unlike these damages, they can ruin the paintwork, exposing the surfaces to rust. Thus, they can potentially compromise your car’s safety and cause further damage to the inner structures. 

We use high-quality body filler and Paintless Dent Removal to address dings and minor dents. However, we recommend and provide replacements for body panels severely damaged by significant cuts. 

Paint Damage 

Paint damage usually results from dents and scratches on the exterior and interior surfaces. We can fix minor defects that do not penetrate the primer with a quick buff and respraying. However, deeper dents and scratches that damage the primer and the paintwork require extensive removal procedures and car paint matching. We also have the right equipment and products to revive your car from the impacts of paint damage and boost its resilience to such defects in the future. 

Bumper and Frame Damage 

The front and rear bumpers are also usually vulnerable to damage in the event of an accident. Bumpers often experience dents and cracks, but severe impacts can also require replacing them. Car frames usually experience bends that could significantly compromise the vehicle’s performance and safety. We use advanced tools to diagnose and fix car bumper and frame damage to improve your vehicle’s resale value and overall appeal.

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