Car Collision Repair in San Antonio

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Collision accidents can impact severe damage to various critical parts of your car, including the body panels, bumpers, and lights. Some accidents could even render the car un-roadworthy, but you should never rush to write off the car before talking to an expert in car collision repair in San Antonio. Collision Xperts are the professionals you should first engage in determining whether your vehicle should go to the junkyard. 

We understand your insurance company can cover the costs of buying a new car after a collision accident. However, that also comes with huge premiums. Our car collision repair services will save you money and give your vehicle the best makeover. Besides, working with us will also enable you to avoid the stress of running up and down searching for alternative transportation since we can arrange car rental services while our technicians work on the car.

The Best Car Collision Repair in San Antonio

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Many collision accidents occur between moving cars, but some may also result from hitting a wall, tree, or a mobile object on the road. Nevertheless, collisions usually impact dents, bends, scratches, and chippings on various structural parts and features of the car. Thus, we focus on comprehensive car collision repair solutions. Our auto collision repair services cover the following areas.

Preliminary Car Collision Inspection

We always begin every repair procedure with a thorough inspection of the car to determine the damaged parts and the defect extent. We use sophisticated tools and technologies to conduct proper visual checks of the car’s exterior and interior components to unearth all the impacts. That enables us to perform tailor-made repairs for every vehicle based on its condition and owner’s needs.

Paintless Dent Repair

We recommend paintless dent repair in cases whereby the car has dents, but the paintwork is not affected. Unlike other dent removal techniques, paintless dent repair is cost-effective and fast since you do not have to repaint the entire car.

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Scratch Repair

Scratches and dings ruin the paintwork and can degrade the surfaces of your car over time if left unchecked. We use various procedures to fix scratches and dings. Our technicians will buff out shallow scratches to a smooth finish. However, those with deep cuts beyond the paint will require filler and fresh paintwork.

Car Frame Repair

A head-on collision could also leave the frame of your car bent. In such cases, we can also re-align the structure to ensure an even distribution of weight across the car. Our technicians can use laser straightening to revive minor bends. However, severe damage to the frame may also require removing and replacing some components. 

Collision Repair Car

Panel Replacement

Sometimes, the best way to revive your car from the impacts of a collision accident is to replace the damaged panels. At Collision Xperts, we can also provide the best panel replacements with OEM and aftermarket parts for the doors, bumpers, fender, hood, and trunk lid. 

Our car collision repair in San Antonio also covers auto color matching, glass repair, respraying, and hail damage. Talk to us today for the ultimate car collision repair solutions.