Auto Body Shop near Me


Which auto body shop near me is the best? Call or visit Collision Xperts if that’s the question lingering in your mind at the moment. We’re a professional auto body shop providing repair and maintenance for all makes and models of vehicles in San Antonio, Texas, both domestic and imports. Our technicians have received rigorous training and acquired vast hands-on experience to repair all vehicle types. What’s more, we have access to factory information for most vehicles, including calibrations, specifications, and manufacturer recommendations.

Our unlimited resources and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to restore vehicles to their pre-accident conditions efficiently and safely. What’s more, we use factory OEM parts designed for specific vehicles. Be confident that our repair will remove all collision evidence from your car. With Collision Xperts, you get convenient drop-off and timely repair. Contact or visit us if you’re searching for the best auto body shop to repair your car in San Antonio, Texas.

Why Collision Xperts is the Best Auto Body Shop Near me?

We’re a professional team that strives to provide quality services to all customers. We believe in doing what we love passionately and to every customer’s satisfaction. Each of our technicians is a specialist in specific auto body repair. Therefore, you will have an expert fix the damage to your vehicle once you drive it to our shop.

What’s more, our technicians repair every body part with precision using modern technologies and equipment. We understand the hardship that comes with a collision. Therefore, we relieve you of the additional anxiety and stress by providing quality, reliable, and affordable auto body repairs.

While our customers are unique, vehicle owners’ challenges are almost the same. Therefore, we cater to our customers’ needs whenever they bring their vehicles to our shop for repair after an accident. We can even help with your auto insurance company and car towing after an accident.

Unibody and Frame Repair

Paint The Bamper

Collision Xperts is a full-service auto body repair shop in San Antonio, Texas. We offer cost-effective auto body repairs for all vehicles. Visit us for any of these repairs.

  • Complete body repair: Full body repair entails fixing every inch of the car after an accident, from the rear to the front end. Nobody will notice that your vehicle had an accident after a complete body repair.
  • Paint: Our color-matching specialists will match your auto paint color precisely. Trust us to make your car look even better after repainting it.
  • Frame straightening: Maybe the accident left your car with a damaged frame. In that case, our technicians will restore your vehicle’s structure to protect its integrity.
  • Suspension and alignment: You want to enjoy a safe and smooth driving experience. In that case, let us repair your car’s suspension and check its alignment.
  • Dent repair: Our technicians use special techniques to remove dents without damaging your vehicle’s paint job.

Modern cars use complex technologies. Therefore, repairing your vehicle requires special skills, experience, and equipment. We have the necessary expertise to fix any car safely and efficiently. Stop searching for “auto body shop near me” online. Instead, contact or visit Collision Xperts today!